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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your lead time?

Lead time at the moment is 2-4 weeks for NC, SC,GA. VA, and TN,are 2-5 weeks.

Please keep in mind that timeframes are always weather dependant, as well as the safety of the crew installing and also equipment breaking down.

What comes with the unit?

The grand total on every unit includes delivery, Installation generics and certifications For he required category the unit is (category 1 or category 2)

Are kits available to buy?

Yes any unit can be delivered by a crew or can be picked up at our facility And the necessary discount will be given according to the type of purchase

How long will a quote be good for?

A quote will be good for a maximum of 30 days unless a written statement is given to the customer extending the timeframe of acceptance.

How do I process my deposit?

Once you are happy with the unit you wish to purchase the dealer assisting you will proceed to send your order to our financial department which will in return send you an invoice via email from square. Once this deposit is given You should get a call the same or the following day so that your building is gone over and verified with you.

The dealer assistant will never and should never ask or receive money from a customer. It is important to know that we only process payment via email (square). If anyone asks for any kind of money Please report the dealer to the following number. 336-653-1739

Can I cancel my unit?

No, all deposits are not refundable as stated on the order form, there will be selective situations where a refund will be possible due to death of the person buying the unit, or falling severely ill. Refunds will not be returned due to weather, tardiness, failure to have your property level, not wanting to pay return fees, or storage fees, or unwillingness to sign waivers for your unit.

Can changes be made to the unit after the deposit has been given?

Yes, any building can be edited with any change before the order form is given to the main office For verification. Once the unit is verified, the paperwork is given to the shop for fabrication of the unit. Once the office has gone over the unit with you it is possible to make changes only 1 time
with fees attached to the changes. These fees are for the detention of the process of the unit and starting over again with the design of the unit from the beginning.

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