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Our Process

7-Step Process

1- Work with one of our assistants to generate a unit that you have in mind
This assistant will answer all of the questions you have. They will help you visualize your unit as long as our generator has the capability to do so.

2- Once you choose the unit that you consider best suits you and your property You will READ the order form and if you agree you will continue to sign the order form being aware that the deposit will be required to submit the order.

3- Your order will be submitted to our finance department- our office will then proceed to send you an invoice via email. Within this email you will find instructions on how to make your deposit.

4- Office will call you to verify the unit- Once the finance department has your deposit we will proceed to send it to the main office so that they can go over your unit one last time before sending it to the shop for fabrication. Any unit below $20,000 will not require a further deposit before installation. Any unit that is above $20,000 will require a 50% payment of the remaining of th unit so that the material can be officially bought, handled and manipulated to form and fabricate your unit.

5- verification of delivery- you will be called 2 weeks before installation to let you know that we are ready to install, you will also be called a week before installation to let you kow the week of installation.

6- Delivery and installation- Once the crew has your unit you will be called again to give you a date and to let you know that the unit is on the way.
Once the crew comes to your address they will first make contact with you to let you know they have your unit and they are about to install it. They will ask you simple questions to verify the position of windows and walk in doors as well as the position of the unit. From there it will only be a matter of time before they finish the unit and will ask you to verify it and sign a happy sheet.

7- final payment- Once the unit is installed the crew will proceed to ask you for a final payment. This payment can be fulfilled via cashiers check, money order, direct deposit or credit or debit card.

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